This past month we added a number of new features for your teacher; we know you don't see these directly, but they definitely help your teacher more easily, thoroughly, and adeptly prepare for your lessons.

The image above is from Tehran, Iran! Visit our log in page to see amazing images from every country on the planet.

One big update you did get to see was our new Help Center! If you have a question about how anything on our website works, please head to this new help tool first. It has an excellent search function, and we've tried to organize categories logically so that you can find everything easily. The image above is the screenshot of the home page! You can get there from your account by clicking Profile - Help Center, and here's a direct link:

Easier way to view a single lesson's chat messages

We also added a new feature which makes it possible for you to view only the chat messages from one single lesson! This was a requested feature by some of you primarily so that you could more easily print chat messages for study later. On the Messages page of your account, just click the blue box with an arrow:

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