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We've been hard at work for more than a month to bring you some updates that we hope will make your experience learning a language with us even more enjoyable.

New Design

The first thing you'll notice is a new design when you're logged out of the website. The FAQ page is still available under the "More" tab, and it should be easier to navigate:

Simpler Scheduling Navigation

Once you're logged in to your account, the first big change you'll notice is the Schedule tab has only two links, instead of five. To schedule a lesson, simply click on the "Schedule a Lesson" a link. If you're looking for the recurring, instant, or find scheduling functions, you'll find links to those at the top of the new "Schedule a Lesson" page:

Much Faster Scheduling Navigation

We completely redesigned the main scheduling page so that navigating your teacher's schedule is much, much faster:

New Settings To Help Your Teacher Help You!

If your teacher knows a lot about your learning preferences, style, goals, etc. he or she will be much better prepared to help you succeed. So, we've added a lot of new preferences you can set on the Profile -> Settings page of your account. It was a tough decision, but we made these settings required, so you'll need to set them before scheduling a lesson. During this process we completely redesigned the Settings page so it's all-around easier to use:

🎉Get started!

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