We've helped a lot of people reach their language learning goals.

So what's the trick? Why do so many people find it difficult to learn a language?

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First of all, learning a language is simply difficult for a lot of people! Just like some people find learning mathematics difficult, others find learning grammar in their own language (or a foreign language) difficult. See our post about the relative difficulties of learning different languages.

You can learn a language though, even if you find it difficult:

The #1 reason people fail at learning a language is they simply don't stick with it!

That's it. Stick with it.

If you're taking lessons with a teacher, we recommend setting up recurring lessons for 3 months at a minimum. Even if your budget or schedule only allow for a single 30 minute lesson each week, schedule it and stick to the schedule.

If you're also using an app or simply studying on your own, pencil in at least one weekly recurring time to study.

We've found our students who do this are much more successful than those who don't. With your LanguageConvo teacher, you can easily schedule a weekly, recurring lesson (or more than one) in just a few clicks.

🎉 Get started!

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