Those of us who started learning a new language as an adult have probably heard that the earlier we start learning a language, the better.

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A study at MIT has determined that children are highly skilled at learning the grammar of a new language until about age 10, and up to roughly age 18 maintain a high ability to learn grammar. After age 18, this ability begins to slowly decrease.

So how young should my children start learning a second language?

Many other studies have shown that the earlier a child begins learning a new language, the better. We recommend starting your child with a second language as early as possible. Numerous cognitive benefits are associated with multilingualism, benefits which a child at any age can acquire.


Don't despair, you absolutely can learn a new language at any age. About half of our students are adults, and their success rates are very high. Salaries are on average higher for employees who speak a second language, travel is more fun when you can speak directly with locals, and there is increasing evidence that bilingualism may have favorable effects in regards to dementia in older adults.

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