Hi! My Name is Alexis Sorto, and I am 25 years old. I am a friendly and happy Salvadoran guy. I am from a really awesome and beautiful city located in the East of the little Country El Salvador, its name is San Miguel.

I have been in a beautiful relationship for 2 years, my girlfriend's name is Erika, and our two little cats are called Kaleb and Sherry.

Right now, I am focused on growing up in all the personal and professional aspects, but in my free time, I really love to read, play the bass guitar and practice or watch sports. Books, Rock music, Soccer and Basketball are my passions. I am not really good at cooking, but I like to try.

Also, I could say I love to travel, but I have not had the chance to do it as much as I want to. But my main goal now is to have the experience of living in another country just for a few months to learn from other cultures and languages.

Talking about my family, I have to say that it is not as big as a typical Latin American family. We are just my mother, my brother, my sister in law, my girlfriend and me. But, it is not something bad, we have a strong union and we support each other in good or bad moments. My brother is my best friend, he is a Languages teacher too, and he is a really important person in my life. That's why, one of my biggest dreams is to watch him be successful.

I have 3 uncles, 2 aunts, and my grandfather, they are amazing people. I learned from them everything about being a good person and keeping my values like one of my biggest treasures.

Talking about me, I have to say that I am not the most extroverted person that exists, but I like to be friendly. Also, when I am at my job, I am different. I like to do my best in my work because teaching languages is not a job for me, it is like a passion. I really enjoy spending time learning from people or teaching them. That is why, I always have a smile when I am in a class. My students are my friends and I really love to make them feel comfortable in every class.

I am 25 years old, and I have 4 years of work experience. I graduated from the University when I was 21. I have worked in some schools teaching languages, and I worked in a Call Center for customer service before starting to work in LanguageConvo. I have to say that I have lived different experiences working, but none of them made me as happy as my current job does. I am really happy here because I am teaching languages and meeting people from other countries and cultures. It makes my passion for teaching something even more special.

About my country, El Salvador, I can say that it is a small but really beautiful country. We have beautiful beaches, forests, amazing towns and places full of history and culture. There are many places to visit and many delicious dishes to taste. Probably most of the people have heard about Pupusas, the most famous food from El Salvador. But, here we have many other things that you can taste and I am pretty sure you will enjoy. Things like nuegados, elotes locos, tamales pisques, atol de elote, riguas, tortas de pescado are some of the typical dishes that you can eat here.

A few years ago, we had a bad public reputation because everything was about poverty, crime or violence. Fortunately, we have advanced like society, and everything is improving little by little. The crime is something that is changing in El Salvador. Now, it is a safer place, a country where you can go to the mall, to the beach or any other touristic place without being worried about those bad things. I mean, there are things that we still have to improve, but I can say that we are doing it step by step.

So, if you come, feel free to visit the museums, the beaches like El Cuco, towns like Alegria, lakes like Coatepeque, and many other beautiful places. Here in El Salvador you are going to have many things to do because it is a small country with great people, a great history, a unique culture and amazing food.

In short, I could say many things about how much I love my job, my family or my country. But I have talked too much about myself, and El Salvador is a beautiful experience that is better if you live it by yourself! I am pretty sure that you will love some experiences as much as I do!

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