Oi! I’m Pamella from Brazil. I am a talkative and cheerful teacher who loves to meet new people! In my free time I love singing, traveling, reading and studying new languages. I’ve been teaching Portuguese for 18 years and I also teach English as a second language to local people.

Volunteering has always been my passion. I dedicated 3 years of my life in the poorest and driest region of Brazil (known as ‘Sertão’) to helping children and elderly people learn to read and write, and I am grateful to have known so much about diversity in Brazil during this time. If you want, we can talk about it during our classes!! I would love to do so.

I was born in Angra dos Reis, a small city in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Angra is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Brazil. It is known as the “Brazilian Caribbean”. There are 365 islands in it. An island for every day of the year! =)

Thousands of Brazilian celebrities and even the president of Brazil have a house in Angra dos Reis. People often find these celebrities in supermarkets, malls or on the beach.

If you come to Brazil, I strongly recommend you to visit Angra dos Reis and discover its beauties. I suggest you take a boat trip and get to know some breathtaking islands, waterfalls, beaches and historical monuments. You will fall in love with this wonderful city!

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the 5th largest in the world. It was a Portuguese colony for over 300 years and gained its independence in 1822. The situation in Brazil during the colonial period was: People who spoke European Portuguese arriving, native indigenous, Africans who spoke another Portuguese influenced by their native dialects. From this great mixture, Brazilian Portuguese emerged. =)

The Amazon is located in the northern part of Brazil. It’s easily the most amazing habitat in the world. It is also very large and poses potential dangers for anyone wishing to explore this habitat on their own.

If you want to venture into this tropical forest, always use reputable and qualified guides who know the risks and paths in the Amazon. This same rule applies to Pantanal, in the middle of the map.

Brazil is a country that also snows! In the southern part of the country, temperatures drop below freezing during winter months with occasional snow.

The snow is usually very light, but definitely enough to dash your hopes for tropical, hot days.

Brazilians are very warm and friendly people. If you’re staying with a local, the entire neighborhood will know all about you in a few days. Don’t be scared, Brazilians love meeting new people, especially if you visit a small town. It is inevitable that a “party” will be thrown in your honor – any excuse to make a batch of ‘feijoada’ (bean stew with beef and pork) or barbecue. There’s a lot of food, music and, of course… dancing!

I’m sure there is a lot more to say about my country, culture and language, but I hope you can come to Brazil and discover it all while learning Portuguese at LanguageConvo, and it will be my pleasure to help you in this process. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! Até mais!

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