¡Hola buen día a todos! Mi nombre es Ursula.

I am from El Salvador in Centro America; Spanish is the official language of the country so that’s my native language.  I was born in San Salvador which is the capital buy I currently live in la Libertad, is a nice department with a lot of tourist site like: a lot of beaches one of the most famous is El Tunco, and the port known as El Puerto de la Libertad.

The weather is tropical, almost all the time its really hot, people are friendly, helpful and hardworker.

I come from a small family just my parents and me.
I am married I have a teenager girl and 2 chihuahuas dogs (coffee and honey) so I have a small and beautiful family.

In my free time I like to watch movies and cook but I also love to play board games with my daughter.

I love pupusas that is my favorite food specially the ones with mora and cheese or carrot with cheese.
As you know pupusas is the typical food in El Salvador so we have a lot of varieties.

If someone is visiting my country, I will recommend to try pupusas and atol chuco.
El Salvador is well known for its Archaeological sites, like las Ruinas de Tazumal, Casa blanca,  Joya de Cerén, etc.

When you visit El Salvador you will see that There are a lot of beautiful places to visit I will recommend you to climb at least one volcano that the country has; El Salvador is known as the "land of volcanoes", my favorite is El volcan de Santa Ana Ilamatepec which is the highest, but there are some other like El volcan de Izalco which its climb is extreme but you will enjoy it a lot!

Another beautiful place that I recommended is FURESA its a Wild Haven, with beautiful animals
another place I cannot omit is the park BICENTENARIO is in Antiguo Cuscatlán so it is easily and quickly accessible from the metropolitan area. As its name suggests, it is a park that specializes in flora, with different varieties of plants, trees and flowers.

I have been working with LanguageConvo for almost a year I really love to work with LanguageConvo because I have the opportunity to meet a lot of nice and wonderful people from all over the states and learn about their cities, culture and costumes, and I really enjoy doing it.

A special language learning tips that I can give you is:

First learn with us, study with native speakers is essential, and then please don’t translate word by word when you speaking. Make your own vocabulary and read an interesting book in Spanish. Don’t feel afraid of make mistakes when you speak.
Second surround yourself with the language like music, movies, podcast and audiobooks.
Third be persistent, patient and try to have fun.

I look forward to meet you and start a Spanish lessons with you.
¡Ten un buen día!

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