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My name is Celina Araujo, I was born and raised in the beautiful and tropical country of El Salvador. The smallest country in Central America, located on the Pacific Coast. Which we see as a blessing because as small as it is, it has everything in it from a big variety of natural places to a very modern capital city, and everything is so close. Here you can find some of the most wonderful warm beaches in the world which will always be the first love of all Salvadoreans and are also among the best surfing destinations around the world. We are lucky to have summer like weather all year round. El Salvador is full of lovely, welcoming, hard working people as well as beautiful places.

I was born in El Salvador’s capital city of San Salvador into a beautiful family that means the world to me, my mom, my dad, an older sister, and a younger brother. I continue to live in San Salvador with my husband and our three chihuahuas: Bruce, Bibi, and their baby Bruna. I love and have a lot of respect for animals and nature. I like hiking, meditating, going to the beach and enjoying the outdoors, of which luckily, I have many options here in my country: lakes, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, etc. I have great respect for the environment and nature. I also like gardening, painting, and spending as much time as possible with my family.

When I was very young, I learned how to speak German and English, because I studied in the German School of San Salvador, and that is when my love and interest for languages began. I have been a language teacher for over ten years, I have taught Spanish here and in Costa Rica where I lived for a few years. I love teaching, I appreciate the interest people have in my language and culture, and I think that if you as a teacher keep students motivated it is easy for them to learn. I find it truly amazing how culture and emotions are mixed together and reflected in the way people communicate through their language. Which is why I think interacting with the culture and native speakers is essential in the process of learning any language.

San Salvador, the city where I live, is very modern. There are  nice malls, stores, and really good restaurants, and contrary to what people think, it's very safe. People who visit my country actually get a very pleasant surprise when they realize all this country has to offer.

My country, comes from Mayan roots, you can still visit actual ancient Mayan ruins and archaeological sites, like Ruinas del Tazumal, Ruinas de San Andrés and Joya de Cerén, among others, one of the original languages was Nahuatl a Mayan dialect, from which some words that we use derive, for example: xocolatle/chocolate, tomatl/tomate, tzictli/chile, elotl/elote. Elote means corn, it is truly essential in our daily diet, for example for lunch, the main meal, it is very common to eat a protein like meat or chicken along with a side of very hot had made tortillas straight from the comal (a hot plate made out of clay). Our traditional dishes are of course our beloved and very popular pupusas con curtido y salsa, empanadas de platano, tamales de gallina, tamales de elote, atol de elote, and many more, all of them are my favorite food! Salvadorean food is particularly well known by its delicious taste.

This region was colonized by Spain at the end of the 15th century, and adopted their language, culture, and religion, you can still find colonial architecture influence in the historical centre of our capital city, San Salvador, you can also visit quaint villages with colonial influence. Now after almost two hundred years of Independence, our ancient traditions are very much alive and important to us and we preserve them with pride and appreciation. At the same time as hardworking as salvadorans are known to be, the country keeps developing, 80% of the energy that we produce comes from clean, renewable sources, we have the biggest solar plant in Central America, we also have the biggest and most modern hospital in the region, which was built during the pandemic, and luckily the situation never really got out of hand here. El Salvador never stops improving, every time you visit you find better roads, more modern renovations and new buildings, etc.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my country and myself. I look forward to being your Spanish teacher and sharing my language and culture with you. ¡Les deseo todo lo mejor! ¡Hasta pronto!

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