Hi!!! My name is Lisseth, I´m 30 years old, I´m from El Salvador and I live with my husband and my 2 pets.  My whole family is from El Salvador too, so my native language is Spanish.

I live in Mejicanos, this city is 20 minutes from San Salvador by car, the capital of El Salvador. I was born in San Salvador and my parents and two sisters and brothers in -laws live there.

In 1524, in Mejicanos there was a refuge city because a lot of Mexican fugitives lived here so that’s the reason of its name. Mejicanos´ typical food is: Yuca frita (fried) or hervida (boiled), believe me it’s so delicious!

And definitely in the entire country we have the delicious typical food: Las Pupusas, so I can say this is my favorite dish from my lovely El Salvador and you can enjoy it no matter where you go inside of the country.

My husband and I enjoy to visit places near the city, some small natural parks to see the sunset or city lights at night and for these places you can enjoy a lower temperature here in the country, because El Salvador has a tropical weather, a humid, hot or warm weather.

Because El Salvador lies near the line of Equator, it just has two seasons: wet and dry seasons. So, we have wet season since May to October and dry season since November to April. In general, the temperature for the weather is between 25° to 35° C but on the East side of the country it’s like 30° to 42°C in summer, so if you are tired to have a cold weather you can come and enjoy it.

You can find beautiful beaches as well, this is my favorite place to go, if I want to have fun with my family and friends or just to relax with them. Definitely, it's amazing when you see in detail how the nature was made; the sunset, the waves, the sand in your feet and a warm temperature makes you smile instead.

You can find a different kind of beaches here, with a calm sea (Playa El Cuco, San Miguel), moderate waves and sunny sky (Playa San Diego, La Libertad and Playa Costa del sol, La Paz) and big waves to surf with a lot of tourist services (Playa Punta Roca, La Libertad and El Tunco, La Libertad).

But if you like mountains more you can enjoy it as well, here you can find a lot of volcanoes, valleys and hills and it’s good if you like to do hiking and these kinds of sports. To be sincere I´m not a sport person but I love to dance, doing different activities in the day, learn new things like culture, science, literature, nature and how things work in general. That is why I love my work here because I can learn a lot as a teacher from my students as well. So, this is a small piece of me and my beautiful country where Spanish is spoken!

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