Hola everybody me llamo Yosselin and I am from the beautiful country of Guatemala, I live in the second important city called Quetzaltenango, such a long name, but people around call it “Xela” that comes from the name “Xe lajuj’ noj” in mayan language which means “under protection from the ten ideas”, this city is magnificent full of traditions, culture and warm people, actually I am happily married with a wonderful husband and I am recently mom with one year little boy my amazing Pablo José, we have a cat name “Mishi” in fact we love all animals, we all love to spend time being together, go for a walk to small villages because near Xela we have a lot of small villages one of them it’s very close to us that call “Ciudad de los Altos” you can see animals like cows, horses and sheep and Pablo loves to see them.

I have a sister that is younger than me, my father works as a lawyer, in our free times we always plan a day for us for being together, I have an amazing mother-in-law who teaches me a lot of things one of them that I enjoy the most is to cook, she teaches me about the traditional food from Xela.

We love to eat a lot and in Xela we have amazing kinds of foods like “recados” this type of food its very traditional its like a heavy soup make with all kind of herbs and species, we have a lot of recados types but the most popular in Xela is “Pepián” this is very typical dish that you enjoy with tortillas or tamales, it is incredible to taste, all people that visit Xela have to taste it.

Xela has a lot of places to visit to 20 minutes from the city we have a place that call “Salcajá” this small village has the characteristics for be one of the oldest villages, in fact it has the most antique church call “La Ermita” that has almost 500 years to exist, a place that you cannot let to visit.

What about me? I am very sociable person who loves to talk and meet people, I love to teach because I believe that I can change peoples mind be part of a change. I enjoy the most knowing people around the world and teach them my culture my country a piece of my life. I come from a big family, full of teachers, my grandparents both teachers worked for 40 years teaching people, they introduce me to this amazing world of teaching, I have been teaching since almost 9 years and I really love it.

That it’s a lot of things to talk about Guatemala the cradle of the Mayan culture many places to visit, many foods to taste but Xela is one of the amazing places that stays in your hearth forever. You need to know the culture, the most amazing traditions, the volcanos the lakes that I am pretty sure you are going to captive you forever.

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