Hello everyone! My name is Ivette and I´m from El Salvador, a country known by different nicknames, among them, "El Pulgarcito de América", "El Valle de las Hamacas", "Tierra de Cuscatlán". I live in the capital San Salvador, which is a very populated and modern city. There are numerous shopping centers and stores.

El Salvador is well known for its hardworking, welcoming, enterprising, and very friendly people. Tourists who visit us will always find a helping hand.

We have lived with my family in the capital all the time, but we really like visiting towns like Ilobasco, famous for its clay crafts; Concepción de Ataco, where you can find crafts with a great variety of sculptures, ornaments, fabrics, embroidery, and of course coffee shops to taste the excellent coffee in this area and also Apaneca, which is on the well-known “Ruta de las Flores” and has hotels, restaurants, buggy tours and the extreme sport of canopy.

I am the third of four sisters, I have my mom and two nephews and three nieces that I love very much. I am a native Spanish speaker, but I also speak English, Italian and I am learning French. I have been a Spanish teacher for several years now. I´ve had students from different parts of the U.S.  and different ages with whom I have had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences. I love teaching Spanish because I understand the challenges that learning a new language entails since I have also been a student and I can help my students fulfill their goal of speaking or improve the language. I like listening to music, watching movies and ballet. I go to the theater to see ballet shows, especially when my nephews perform in one of them. Another activity that I enjoy the most is traveling. I have been to Italy, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala and on several occasions, I have had the opportunity to travel as a delegate from El Salvador to international conventions where I have made many friends from other countries and cultures as well. I love wearing a traditional costume for those occasions.

My favorite foreign food is Italian pizza, but I also like Chinese food, tacos, and burgers. My favorite local food are pupusas and riguas. I think pupusas are better known to everyone. The riguas are soft corn (elote) flat cakes fried with beans and in some cases cheese, which are wrapped in a banana leaf. I invite you to try them!

Try out this recipe!

Talking about sports, my favorite is soccer. It is exciting to see the Soccer World Cup every four years. My favorite teams are Italy and Spain since El Salvador doesn't have a good team. Ah! But if we talk about beach soccer, I invite you to read about "Los Cangrejitos Playeros", they do play very well!

My recommendations to learn another language are, do not be afraid, have a lot of patience and perseverance, study grammar little by little, try to listen to T.V programs or music in the language you are learning and, above all, practice and take classes with a native teacher.

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