¡Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Ilse, soy de El Salvador y tengo 26 años. Probably you have heard about my country, if not, let me provide you a few details about this small country located in Central America, well known for one of our typical  food which are Pupusas, the first revolutionary of america Anastacio Aquino, and the now San Oscar Arnulfo Romero, also known as “San Romero de America”.

The World surfing games 2021 were based here, since we have some of the best waves to surf. If you like surfing, you should come and visit my country. I live in a small city, it could be considered rural, I'm at 15 mins away from the international airport and about 35 mins from the beach La Costa del Sol, which is my favorite beach because joins with the Estuary Jaltepeque, and also my small city is where Anastacio Aquino was born and lived. The weather is hot, I have lived here almost my whole life so I got used to it. I lived in Guatemala for 7 years. After the earthquake in 2001, my mother decided to move there. I enjoyed the years living in Guatemala, learning new things and about their beautiful culture as well.

Now I live with my mother and older brother, their names are Sandra and Everardo, I have pets, nine cats, I rescued the firs cat four years ago, I was arriving home at about 9pm and I heard the two little cats crying inside a garbage bag, they were three weeks, almost newborn, I feeded them with a pacha, unfortunately  one of them passed away two days after I took them home, and I have six hens, they lay eggs almost everyday so that's how I get fresh breakfast in the morning.

I like exploring new places, being in contact with nature is peaceful for me, and appreciating beautiful sunsets on the beach or in the mountains is priceless. Whenever I have the opportunity to appreciate them I always take a lot of pictures. I also enjoyed eating desserts, my two favorite ones are Tiramisu and chocolate cake.

I love teaching, being of help and being part of people's success really excites me. I know how important it is to have someone patiently helping us in the process of learning a new language, so you can feel confident, and at the moment you practice you don't get afraid to commit mistakes or ask questions. Remember when we are learning, mistakes are part of our process of learning something new and are totally valid, especially for a  foreign language, since this implies new words, expressions, and culture.

If you are planning to improve your spanish or learn it from the very beginning, taking lessons will help a lot but also taking a time everyday to review what you study with your teacher, at that moment more questions might appear so you can write them down and prepare them for you teacher in your next lesson, also reading the newspaper in spanish will improve your vocabulary, those includes a lot of information for different areas, such as, sports, politics, fashion, and a few news around the world. You will definitely notice the difference, I would be more than glad to meet you and be part of your process to reach your goals.

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