Hello everyone! My name is Meybelin, I’m 26 years old and I’m Salvadorean. I was born in Santa Tecla a beautiful city where the weather is cool unlike the city I’m currently living, I’m married my husband’s name is Sergio we love spending time together.

We are living in La Libertad and as I said before the weather is a bit hot, I´ve had to get used to it because I really love cool or cold weather and maybe you will  wonder why are you living there? Let me explain to you, here in El Salvador the rent of the houses vary depending on the area so we decided to move here because of that and it’s safer than in other cities also I have the opportunity to visit my grandparents who live 15 minutes from me, their names are Rosa and Carlos they are so nice and funny, we really love going there but because of covid we can’t visit them as much as we would like to, when we go we need to have enough time time because they love to talk and when we realize it’s 11 pm, I’m so grateful because I have 4 grandparents and 1 great-grandmother, she is 94 and when I was little she took care of me all the time and she used to sing me lullabies.

My mom’s parents live far away from me, I used to live in front of their house all my childhood I spent time with my grandparents they are my world, they are kind and loving, their names are Marina and Abel, my grandfather loves to play the guitar and paint he is my favorite painter, on the other hand my grand mother prefers to watch old movies when I’m with them the time flies. My family is super big because my gran mother had 14 kids you can imagine how dificult it was so I have around 26 cousins, having many kids was normal in the past but now we are like young people prefer to have only one or none.

Personally I don’t have any kid just my dog his name is Tyson he´s my baby I love him so much. As a couple we love to travel and visit new places and of course eat as much food as we can, pupusas are very delicious this is one of our typical food  if you haven’t tried yet you have to  , my favorite food besides pupusas is seafood I’m a crazy seafood lover at least once a week I make Ceviche (shrimps with tomato, onion and cilantro) also I love Asian food , if you ever come to El Salvador you have to visit these places: Espiritu de Montaña, Conchagua amazing landscape and few people , Cascada Escondida Llano el muero, Morazán this place has a waterfall if you are a lover of nature and birds this is your place, another waterfall is Cueva Moncagua, San Miguel and finally I definitely recommend to go to Golfo de Fonseca it’s part of the Pacific Ocean and bordering Honduras and Nicaragua. There is one place that is in our neighboaring country Guatemala, if you are here you should take advantage and go to Xocomil and Xetulul a famousf place for tourists because you can enjoy extreme fun with their slides and roller coasters.

My hobbies are reading and learning italian I was always a bookworm at school because I could imagine myself in that story for me is traveling without wasting money, also it’s important to me to talk with my parents everyday because they live in Texas they are incredible people we have same tastes and priorities their names are Maritza and Carlos I’m an only child so my mom was for me like a sister and friend all the time and still being I miss them so much they´ve always supported me in everything.

besides traveling and reading I love meeting people that’s why I’m a teacher I speak English I’m currently learning Italian and I hope French I have been teaching for 7 years, languages are so important to me because it’s like a bridge that connects you with other people knowing about their culture and tastes, something that identifies my family is respect, empathy and kindness, I consider these qualities necessary to teach a language because we always have to see with people’s eyes and focus on their learning styles all of us are different, I'm the kind of person who believes that if a person is in a bad mood or acts in a wrong way it's because probably something is going on so I always smile and transmit positivism.

I’m super paciente and if you are trying to learn a language I have some recommendations, first try to learn one word daily at the end of the week use the words to create a paragraph once you do it record your voice and listen to it, compare the pronunciation in this translator spanishdict.com and second be positive just one step at a time focus on one topic during the week and make flashcards if you can.

It will be a pleasure to meet you and show you how fun it can be to learn a language with the right methods and at your own speed.

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