You may recognize the female in Ivan's pictures...that's right, he's married to Lisseth! Learn a little more about Ivan and their family in this blog post 😊

Where are you from/where were you born?

I was born in El Salvador and I live in El Salvador now!

What is it like where you were born? Is it rural? A big city? Etc.

I was born in the biggest city of El Salvador, San Salvador, the capital of this small country.

Where do you live now? What is it like there?

I live in Mejicanos. Mejicanos is a big city. Not so big like cities in other countries of course. It’s a quiet city. I think people here is the most important thing. Mejicanos itself is not an interesting city, but from here you have access to the newest things in the country. You can visit a lot of places outside the city.

What family do you have?

I am married. We don’t have children yet. My parents are still alive. I have four siblings.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Sports? Reading? Travel? Etc.

I am religious, so I enjoy activities related to that. But I like singing, learning new languages, watching Netflix, playing soccer. I love going to the beach and swimming pools.

What food do you like?

I like pupusas from El Salvador. I like Italian food, Mexican food and American food such as hamburgers.

What food is popular in your country? If someone is visiting your country, what foods do you recommend they try?

They should try pupusas, tamales de elote (corn), tamales de gallina and elotes locos!

What destinations are popular in your country? If someone is visiting your country, what do you recommend they do?

They should visit our beaches and mountains, our volcanos!

You can visit El VolcΓ‘n de San Salvador. It is the closest volcano with a nice temperature and view of some cities in the middle of El Salvador.

What things would you want tourists or people outside of your country, to know about you country?

In El Salvador dollar is the actual currency used, although colones is the national currency. People in El Salvador have different accents, however we do not have a very marked accent. People with certain education have a neutral accent.

Are there special language learning tips you can give us?

Study with us. 😁 Repeat a lot, read sentences again and again and out loud. Translating when learning is a nice way to memorize, however, don’t do it when speaking. Do not underestimate any of the abilities to learn another language. Grammar, pronunciation, speaking, reading. Even if the only thing that you want is to become fluent, you will need to study some grammar. It does not mean that you have to become an expert or that you need to know grammar in your own language!

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