Hello, my name is José, I am from El Salvador, a beautiful country in Central America, where you can see wonderful landscapes, surrounded by hills and volcanoes, privileged places for their views and in the same way you can enjoy its beautiful beaches, I love being able to enjoy its beaches and hills in small distances.

I was born in the city of Santa Tecla, a city that is 15 minutes from the capital, this city is surrounded by Malls and is also known for its pleasant climate.

I come from a family of two children of which I am the eldest son, my parents raised me with great values ​​with which I have grown and developed my capacity for responsibility and service, currently the four of us live together with our little furry friend, who is called Nabuconodosor, yeah,I know it is a very long name for a dog, so we affectionately callhim Nabu.

Nabu also likes to travel to our beaches, his favorite beach is"Las Tunas" which is located in the department of La Union approximately three and a half hours from where we live, since it is a beach with a wide territory of sand and its waves They are quite small, it is a wonderful experience to travel to a small corner of my country, as I said before we have many places to visit, towns, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, hills, among others.

I tell you that what I like to do the most is visit our beaches, such as “El Zonte” which is very famous for its incredible waves and surfing competitions that take place in this area, in 2021 ISA Word surfing Games was held , the most important world event in the history of surfing, the beaches of El Salvador are very famous for their waves and for their delicious food, one of them seafood.

The most delicious dish is the seafood platter, which is a soup that has all kinds of seafood, we also have typical dishes, one of them and the best known are "pupusas", they are made of corn flour and rice flour, they are filled with cheese, beans, pork rinds and many ingredients, whoever eats a pupusa falls in love with them are delicious, among other dishes from my country you can find empanadas, these are made with banana and, as the pupusas, they are filled with beans and milk.

Currently I work as Spanish teacher, my native language, I also speak English, I am about to complete a year teaching Spanish and I love the experience of sharing my knowledge with other people and above all meeting many people.

In my experience as a teacher I have learned that we all have different ways of learning, and learning is infinite, there is always something to learn along the way of life, but without a doubt it is easier with the desire to learn, that desire that drives us to love. be better every day, that same desire drives us to understand, we must never forget we create our own limits.

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