Konnichiwa everyone! My name is Kai Ogawara and I am from Japan. I was born in Kanagawa prefecture where located in south of Tokyo. There is a lot of place to visit such as beach, historical place, hot springs, china town etc. This prefecture is quite famous for tourist because it is accessible from Tokyo, capital of Japan. I know you will enjoy a lot if you visit there!

My family is living in Fujisawa city where face to the ocean. Actually, my family is not from this city but we transfer as I born. Because my father is from rural area where surrounding by mountains. So he was longing for living near the ocean. This city is not really big city but there is so many things to do. There is beach, aquarium, hot springs, local market, historical place, shopping area and etc.

I grow up in Japan however I also have been traveled different cities. After I graduated from high school, I flied to Moscow, Russia. I stayed there for 1 year and half to study their language and costume design. I have so many memories in Moscow but what most unforgettable memory is I met Russian teacher Sergei. The way he teaches was so unique and I believe he is the best teacher ever I met and admire. Honestly, I really didn’t like studying foreign language. I still remember when I was middle school student, we had English subject and I always failed in class. I never passed the exams. It was traumatic memory for me actually and I believed myself I will never success to learn foreign language. But thanks to him, I was able to learn Russian and eventually I passed Russian language examination. That the time, I became being curious learning and teaching different language.

After I back to Japan, I took Japanese Language Teacher Training Course. This course is those who want to become Japanese language teacher for foreigners. After I completed this course, I tried to look for a job as a teacher but I could not get one. Because most of company require teacher to understand English even our teaching style is totally immersion. So, I decided to study English in The Philippines because it’s near from Japan and Philippines is the one of the few Asian countries where they speak English as an official language. At first, my plan was just studying English for few months and look for a job in another place. But after I completed my English study, I still wanted to study and learn their culture. So I enrolled collage in the Philippines. I completed my bachelor degree and now I am still living in Cebu, Philippines.

I’ve been traveling a lot and in fact I love traveling and meeting different people. Because I learn different cultures and also it’s good opportunity to look at my culture with an objective eye. People enlighten me about my country and cultures as I talk with then. And it also encourages me to learn my culture more. Knowing my country or living in my country is nothing special for me before. Because it is where I born and grow up. But because I met people with different culture, I realized how my country and cultures are beautiful. I’d like to share our culture more to people through teaching Japanese and know more different culture. As a teacher, I want to let each student know that everybody can learn and be fluent in foreign language. Β I gave up to learn foreign language once before, and I never believed myself I will learn or teach another language. Yes, it takes time and it not easy. But you will if you want to be. So, I am here for everybody those who want to learn Japanese and culture and I will do my best to help you.

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