CIAO! My name is Manuel and I’m an Italian teacher on LanguageConvo. I was born in the Eternal city of Rome in 1989, but I spent all my youth in my lovely and beautiful city: Torre del Greco.

⛰️ But some of you may wonder, where is Torre del Greco? Right on the feet of Mount Vesuvius, between Amalfi Coast and Naples, in the middle of The Gulf of Naples. A typical city of Sailors and Fishermen, where while walking in a narrow street you can smell the tasty scent of bread and pizza, you can hear the loud laughs of people walking through the market and see kids playing football in the middle of the street. Named Torre del Greco (Tower of the Greek) for a beautiful tower build in the stone right above the sea. What always enchanted me are some hidden place in the city like the underground tunnels and church, an ancient church covered by the lava during one for the eruption of the Volcano; or the beautiful Seaview from the wall that protect the city.

But who am I? Well, let me talk about one of my passion. I love chocolate and also as every good Italian, I LOVE THE 3 P : PASTA, PIZZA, PANE (Pasta, Pizza and Bread). So is not rare to see myself covered with flour while I’m preparing fresh Pasta or baking some Bread or Pizza (You can see it during one of my favorite live lessons about Italian food while we cook together!). Have you ever been in Naples? Well, if you come in Italy, you cannot miss it! It’s a mix between culture, food, music, art, history and magic! Visiting this city, admiring the art everywhere, eating the tasty foods, the original Pizza, the amazing espresso coffee and all the incredible desserts you cannot hold yourself to say, “MAMMA MIA!”. Hey, do you want to see it? I’ll show you, follow me:

Well, another passion I have is Travel and Culture. Since I was a kid always loved the idea to discover the world, so, I did my best to learn languages and find my self in every trip that I made, and I’m still doing it!

During the time I learned different languages: English, Spanish, French, but still improving it! This was a great help not only for finding a Job but even to realize my desire to discover the world.

Since 2018 I started to work in LanguageConvo as a teacher, but I used to be an Italian teacher even before in some private companies. I learned that if you seriously want to learn a language, well, you need to fall in love with the language. That means you need to be surrounded by it, and more you involve your emotions, thanks to music, dance, food, culture and other, more the language finds a place in your mind and in your hearth. This is what I always say to my students, giving tips to be “surrounded” by the language.

In 2013 I married my beautiful wife, Lia, another funny and crazy Neapolitan like me! We both love to travel and helping other, and during one of this travel for human and social aids we ended up in Central America, in Honduras. We find out that there were many similarities between Latin culture and Napoli’s culture, so we felt really like at home. A beautiful crazy idea started in our mind, so we decided to start a little project that is still going on, helping local people to learn Italian! Since then we travel back and forth between our two lives, Naples and Honduras, and WE LOVE IT!

👋 Well, in short this is who I am, but… that’s not the end of the story! The rest? Well…we can discover more about Italian language, the country and all the beautiful treasure of my culture during our next lesson!


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